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SPONIX manufactures, markets and distributes innovative and highly effective pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, OTC's, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Carrier Oils and natural care products for the foot, skin, hair and nails.

We manufacture and distribute to wholesalers, distributors, veterinary hospitals/clinics, and pharmacies. Our products are dermatologist and podiatrist recommended. We manufacture our products in our own facility and they are made in USA.

The SPONIX line of innovative health and wellness products include 100% pure Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Base/Carrier Oils. Sponix Essential Oils are 100% pure, highly concentrated oils rich in natural, aromatic compounds and highly potent and renowned for their therapeutic benefits. We only use compounds found naturally in different parts of the plants for our Essential oils.

In addition, Sponix manufactures treatments for: Hair and Scalp Therapy, Anti-Aging Cream, Skin Lightening Cream, Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief Cream and Roll On, Anti-fungal lotion for Athlete's Foot and cracked heels, Nail gel, Foot Therapy Spray, Tired Feet & Legs, Foot cream, Avocado, Pomegranate, and Cucumber Creams.

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