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Cloves are one of the most esteemed plants since its ancient discovery because of its pleasant aroma. This is also one of the reasons why Clove Leaf Oil is extensively used in the dental care industry. Sponix Clove Leaf Oil is produced from Clove leaves through steam distillation. With its strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the oil is also widely use to fight acne and other skin bacteria issues.


Clove Leaf Oil has a superb antioxidant level as well, making it extremely effective for anti-aging, skin degeneration and, viruses and bad bacteria. Moreover, clove leaf oil is known to be a good remedy for candida, a parasitic fungus that can cause a variety if infections. It is ideal that you consult with your physician first before using the oil as a part of your treatment.


Sponix only uses the finest ingredients in the market to produce high quality oils.

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